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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Star Portraits - Seaon 2

I am avidly following the Star Portraits show and season 2 features some of my Art School`s students. The show features on Bravo TV Canada and you can catch the current episodes online.

Star Portraits is a TV series that explores and celebrates the art of portraiture, while providing a unique and compelling twist on celebrity profile.Each episode begins by bringing together one famous Canadian and three accomplished portrait artists for a sitting. The sitter's identity is a secret, the only clue being the specially chosen location. First, our host Louise Pitre introduces us to the three artists, then with a dramatic set-up, brings on the surprise guest, and kicks off the sitting. The artists are given three hours to study, sketch and photograph the sitter, and generally get to know them through conversation and questions. Then, the artists are sent off to their respective studios for exactly two weeks to complete their works.

ARA grads and former students that are competing include:  Pauline Bradshaw, Yevgeniya Savosta, Diliana Popova, Shawn Downey, and Matthew Tarini.

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