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Friday, November 5, 2010

Artist of the Month - Lynda D'Souza

I was featured as Artist of the month on the Facebook group ARTists for ARTists led by the lovely Cat Salter. The group was started by Cat and you can see some of her work here. She is very generous in giving us artists this exposure - eternally grateful Cat !!

Cathryn Smith November 4 at 4:41pm Reply • Report
Dear all

I hope you are enjoying the monthly Featured Artists. I am really enjoying reading about other artists experiences and inspirations. One of Lynda's paintings has been used for the groups avatar for this month. This months ARTists supporting ARTists is featuring LYNDA D'SOUZA. I hope you enjoy her lovely oil paintings: -

* * * *

Lynda D’Souza is an oil painter who aims to capture the essence of the subject while interpreting it in a more impressionistic style.

Lynda has been making art in different forms for the last 15 years. Faux wall finishes, stained glass painting, mosaics, ceramic painting and murals are some of the media she has sampled. In a professional capacity she has designed exhibition stands, corporate backdrops and even designed high fashion garments. 10 years ago her husband gifted her a canvas and box of oil paints on the birth of her first daughter and she hasn’t stopped creating original art since. Lynda has a passion for all things vintage, fashion related and portraits, and this is reflected in her choice of subjects. Her vast travels have influenced her perception of the world and she strives to bring out the beauty of her subjects......even if it is a simple ‘teapot’.

Her original oil paintings can be found in private collections in USA, Netherlands, Australia and India. Her works can be found on Etsy and on her blog.

Lynda was born in Mumbai, India after which she moved with her parents to Qatar and then Dubai, where she briefly worked in an Ad agency before her curiosity led her down the corporate route. Her job led her from Dubai to Bahrain and she now resides in Brampton, Ontario.

She has completed a degree in Psychology from the University of Bombay and a post grad diploma in General Management from the Leicester University, United Kingdom. After 20 years in the corporate world Lynda decided to pursue her Fine Art studies full time and quit her management job in September 2010. She is currently studying at the Academy of Realist Art (ARA), Toronto completing a 2 year program modeled on the 19th century European academies. She is living her dream...making her art....being among like minded souls and giving her full attention to her family. She encourages everyone to follow their dreams ‘now’ and seek to make yourself happy first.

“Not only can we create art, art creates us”
Maria Eskenasy

Lynda D'Souza
Mail me: lynda.dsouza@gmail.com

* * * *

If you would like your painting or creative efforts featured on the group, then please upload some of your work so we can see it.http://www.catsalter.co.uk/catsalter.co.uk/index.htm

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