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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Formal Gardens

This entire summer we have gone back and forth on the plan for the backyard but work has kept us too busy to get started. It's looking like a project for 2012 which is just as well as we have so many ideas for that space. It started with a cabana for the husband and me, then a back deck, then a vegetable garden, on deck fire place.....and several other cool ideas. Yes its what we love discussing.......ideas for creating magical spaces!

I tend to lead toward formal gardens i.e. lots of symmetry, rows and rows, identical plants, tall trees....very French. While this is all in my head I have no idea on how to get it started. It's a good thing it has been delayed to next year as it gives me time to figure it out. Until then I am saving these images for my research bank

Seriously! I cannot get my backyard started and this is on a rooftop?!?!!!

Love the Church in the background 

I say it again....its all about the symmetry