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Monday, June 22, 2015

Visual Artist is Me

It's funny how life brings you full circle. It actually brings you to the place/job you were always meant to be doing. 

When I left DHL in 2010 I joined Art school thinking that is what I want to do / master in. Since I had a part time study schedule I also began looking for jobs. Without a second thought I started looking for VISUAL STYLING jobs. I just knew I was good at that and wanted to do it professionally. Nothing worked out and in hindsight I am glad it hadn't.

That's when I decided to set up Sparrow Lyn as that allowed me to curate 70's vintage fashion that I love and use my design knowledge to create outfits for the website. That kinda fulfilled me for the next 3 years.

Around early this year Wilde North was expanding and we had clients asking for Interior Decorating solutions for their homes. And that's when I joined D to help others style and decorate their homes.

Funny how life brings you right to the place you are supposed to be. It's the Universe conspiring to get me here. I used to read about this universe thingy and was always skeptical but here we are - D and me - both doing what we've been doing for years. We transformed our 3 previous homes in Dubai and Bahrain together turning them into gems and dare I say near perfect show homes. And now we are doing it for others............bringing good design to their homes.

I believe now..................

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Harry Potter Themed Party - Decor and Artwork

My older daughter just turned 16 and she wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party for family and friends. We went all out with the decor, food and props. It was a good two weeks planning and preparing but well worth it when we saw the joy in her eyes ! Here are some pics from the night.

I made all the signs on cream cardstock and adhered them with glutack.

Is it strange that I had all the props at home and didn't have to buy a single thing.

The Ollivander wand shop turned out the best.


Layla made the wands from tree branches painted black

At 9 3/4 platform ! Aali dressed as a Hogwarts student

The husband made this to perfectly look like its going through the wall. Layla dressed as Ollivander

All ready for Hogwarts, posing with their cousins Klarissa

More pics of the themed snacks, food and desserts can be viewed on my website.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Girls Night

Another lovely evening with my girlfriends.....much laughing, gabbing and sharing......always replenishes my soul. The evening started off with much needed Jackson Triggs Rose and led to a crafting activity of "Layered Stamping". The girls mastered it very quickly and ended up making 4 -5 gift tags each. We then went into our 'Article Club' discussion on a very interesting topic of relationships and time. Maya is our article researcher and she always finds great topics for us. It's very interesting how these article discussions lead to us learning something new about each other that might not normally come up in conversation. This is my favorite part. And finally we wrapped up with some delicious home made food and desserts...........ain't nothing like a night out with your girls.

More pics of my stamped tags can be viewed on my website.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Harding Meyer Portraits

Just this morning I was telling D that I want to do this massive portrait on a super large canvas and then later today discovered a new artist Harding Meyer who's work is incredible. His portraits blur the lines between realism and surrealism. Brush strokes are dynamic with layers and under layers peaking through.

Maybe I will try that large canvas after all.

Enjoy Harding Meyer's work here:

finishing for Arte Fiera in Bologna
Jan 23-26  
with Galerie Voss  at Pad.25 Booth B/31




Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Launch of Wilde North Interiors

Have I got news for you !! This might be a bit of a story for some of you but something I want to write about (some day my kids could be reading this blog post!) 

I've been busy creating a website for the husband to host his Renovating portfolio and services. In addition to DESIGN and BUILD services we are also offering DECORATING services. I say 'we' because I will be collaborating with him on the Interior Decorating gigs. Having lived in 14 houses across 6 countries decorating is second nature to me. After marrying D our home renos got even more ambitious. For one home we built and upholstered customs ottomans and benches. In another home D built me an Art studio in unused loft space. Here our Canadian home has undergone a major overhaul turning a 50 year old semi into a modern day bungalow. 

And so design is what we do best together. 

D has been building and renovating for the last 3 years but we named the biz only now and launched the website last week. You can see the website here and check out more on the husband's blog. Wish us luck people ! And do think of us when you need good design solutions.