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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Harry Potter Themed Party - Decor and Artwork

My older daughter just turned 16 and she wanted to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party for family and friends. We went all out with the decor, food and props. It was a good two weeks planning and preparing but well worth it when we saw the joy in her eyes ! Here are some pics from the night.

I made all the signs on cream cardstock and adhered them with glutack.

Is it strange that I had all the props at home and didn't have to buy a single thing.

The Ollivander wand shop turned out the best.


Layla made the wands from tree branches painted black

At 9 3/4 platform ! Aali dressed as a Hogwarts student

The husband made this to perfectly look like its going through the wall. Layla dressed as Ollivander

All ready for Hogwarts, posing with their cousins Klarissa

More pics of the themed snacks, food and desserts can be viewed on my website.

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