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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Courtney Cox's Private Retreat in Elle Decor

I fell in love with Courtney Cox's home and bought the Elle Decor magazine yesterday just so I could pour over every room. What I loved the most was the 'grey' palette used all over and the outdoor decks just blew me away.

The coffee table is made of composite wood and the husband is going to make us one for when our back deck  is ready.  Don't you just love the greys and whites.......so calming.........and the glass wall............so clean. 

This is like deck porn! I mean seriously....can you imagine the view from this place! 

...the concrete table...........love the different zones she has created within a small space...

the black iron edging around the doors and windows......

again the greys and whites.......
You can read the whole feature here on Elle Decor on line.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesdays live model drawing

Another sustained post of 12 weeks but I didn't get far this time. Since I knew that I would not have much time I decided to spend the last few sessions modelling just one part of the figure which was the arm. Using the brush I spread the charcoal to create the values and roundness of the flesh. I was happy with my measuring this time round and achieved good proportions in the figure.

I keep telling myself its not a race Lynda......but it's like I have two brains - one talks and the other just does not want to listen !
Cartoon created on rough paper with shadow areas blocked in

Cartoon transferred onto water color paper and worked on with charcoal

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painting featured in Etsy for the 19th time

My painting titled 'Yellow and Green' was featured in an ETSY Treasury along with other work from the talented artists on Etsy. 

Artist: Lynda D'Souza
Title: Yellow and Green 
Size: 8" x 8"
Medium: Oil on Hardboard
LilaO curated the treasury. They are a Mother and Daughter team that makes and sells cute clay products. One of my favorite pieces are the clay tags. Please pop by their shop to check out more of her products. 
The treasury can be viewed here as well as many others.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bargue assignment III - Jeune Femme - part 2

Jeune Femme alongside image I am reproducing. 

Close up of Jeune Femme - the right eye is what I spent the last 3 days  on. 

'Jeune Femme' is about 50% done and I am in the shadow modelling stage now. I really enjoy this stage - creating the 3 dimensional illusion with the values and shapes. I spent the last three days working on the right eye (not yet added the eyelashes) and have now started work on the left eye. Of the three assignments this one has the largest shadows to work on.  I should think another months work is left.

Someone asked me yesterday if this is hardwork - I would say no - its just time consuming. The product is directly relative to the time you have spent on it.....and I am loving it !

Click here to see stage 1 of Jeune Femme.