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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bargue assignment III - Jeune Femme - part 2

Jeune Femme alongside image I am reproducing. 

Close up of Jeune Femme - the right eye is what I spent the last 3 days  on. 

'Jeune Femme' is about 50% done and I am in the shadow modelling stage now. I really enjoy this stage - creating the 3 dimensional illusion with the values and shapes. I spent the last three days working on the right eye (not yet added the eyelashes) and have now started work on the left eye. Of the three assignments this one has the largest shadows to work on.  I should think another months work is left.

Someone asked me yesterday if this is hardwork - I would say no - its just time consuming. The product is directly relative to the time you have spent on it.....and I am loving it !

Click here to see stage 1 of Jeune Femme.

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