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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Launch of Wilde North Interiors

Have I got news for you !! This might be a bit of a story for some of you but something I want to write about (some day my kids could be reading this blog post!) 

I've been busy creating a website for the husband to host his Renovating portfolio and services. In addition to DESIGN and BUILD services we are also offering DECORATING services. I say 'we' because I will be collaborating with him on the Interior Decorating gigs. Having lived in 14 houses across 6 countries decorating is second nature to me. After marrying D our home renos got even more ambitious. For one home we built and upholstered customs ottomans and benches. In another home D built me an Art studio in unused loft space. Here our Canadian home has undergone a major overhaul turning a 50 year old semi into a modern day bungalow. 

And so design is what we do best together. 

D has been building and renovating for the last 3 years but we named the biz only now and launched the website last week. You can see the website here and check out more on the husband's blog. Wish us luck people ! And do think of us when you need good design solutions.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sketching with Coral

A quick sketch as practice and outlined with a coral pencil to give it some color ! Kinda looks good no ! I honestly don't know what I am doing sometimes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Homes decorated with Antiques

Antiques lend so much character to a room..........imagine an all white room and then one rusted old peeling paint trunk in the middle as a coffee table. So many questions around this trunk..........who did it belong to, how old is it, what did it store, did it travel the world. These are things we ask ourselves about our own growing antique collection at home. 

So it was only natural that my decorating style incorporate antiques in the scheme of things. This particular home decorated by stylist Kara Rosenlund captured my attention due to its calm palette and sprinkling of tasteful antiques. 

Today vintage pieces can be found at garage sales and flea markets, and therefore it does not cost a bomb to incorporate them into your decor. These pics will surely inspire you to try them out.

Love the slatted doors used as a backdrop

Kara sells antiques from her travelling shop out of a renovated camper. See the pics on her blog.http://www.kararosenlund.com/

Sisal and fur !!

Who would put an oil painting in their kitchen? I would !! and Kara !!

Kara is a master of Vignettes and actually runs classes in Australia

That Rug..............it is such an unexpected option yet works so well that table.

That turtle shell !!! We had seen one some months ago and hesitated on buying it - our loss !! 
See more pics of this gorgeous home here. All pics via Design Chic.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015 Y'All

The first day of the year and have I got news for you ! My husband's company Wilde North Interiors has expanded from Design & Build services to Interior Decorating services too and I will be collaborating with him on that aspect. It was an organic growth for the company - one he has worked really hard on for the last three years - honestly I have not seen a man work more harder or more passionately than him. I, having lived in 14 homes (across 6 countries) was adept at styling homes and so there we were working together on our first Living Room Styling gig last week right after we made the announcement to our customers. Our minds kinda work at the same level on design and I find we are very much in sync when talking shop that I think maybe this is what I am meant to do. 

I will continue to run Sparrow Lyn and try my hardest to produce Art as often as possible but this will also be a big part of 2015. I like being busy and this might just keep me fulfilled. 

This word "FULFILLED" I seem to be using it so often. Are you fulfilled in life?? Is this something you ask yourself? I sincerely hope you are fulfilled or on your way to being fulfilled. 

Its a new year - anything is possible. Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year ! Make it Shine !!

Styling and shooting for a soon-to-be revealed blog post I am doing for Wilde North Interiors

Dried Hydrangeas from my garden

All my decor items lined up for the shoot.......love the colors