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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Girls Night

Another lovely evening with my girlfriends.....much laughing, gabbing and sharing......always replenishes my soul. The evening started off with much needed Jackson Triggs Rose and led to a crafting activity of "Layered Stamping". The girls mastered it very quickly and ended up making 4 -5 gift tags each. We then went into our 'Article Club' discussion on a very interesting topic of relationships and time. Maya is our article researcher and she always finds great topics for us. It's very interesting how these article discussions lead to us learning something new about each other that might not normally come up in conversation. This is my favorite part. And finally we wrapped up with some delicious home made food and desserts...........ain't nothing like a night out with your girls.

More pics of my stamped tags can be viewed on my website.