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Thursday, October 14, 2010


At ARA, wednesdays is our live model drawing session. Every wednesday we get a different model who changes their pose every 1 hour, but starting yesterday we will have the same model for the coming 10 weeks in the same pose. This allows us to really get into the pose and develop the drawing. So how much did I complete yesterday - about -3%....yes that reads -3%...your eyes read right! I just about got some markings on the paper and was able to do the ghost lines for the knees - all in 3 hours. Prof says some of us will not even complete our drawing in 10 weeks - I can see why now!...measuring takes forever. I hate this.....just like I hated practicing the scales when I was learning the piano at age 10....I want to just get to the end where I am drawing like one of the super-drawers in the class.

Latest brags about the school are:
- DeGrassi High's next episode will feature some of the students drawings and the school will appear in some scenes
- One of the students was commissioned to paint Brian Mulroney's portrait which now sits in CasaLoma.
- One of the professors and 4 students are winners on the Bravo TV show "Star Portraits".

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