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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lab Style Decor

I used to love bright colors....spices...you know rust reds, coral, ochres but in the last 5 years my taste has completely changed and I want everything white, white, white! White floors, white ceilings, white walls and strong pieces of furniture that make a statement against the white. The kind of furniture I am drawn towards is laboratory style...metal tables, rack style shelving, rusted lamps, salvaged wood and anything that has an industrial look to it.

So my D has been working hard to grant me my wish. He has been breaking his back removing the popcorn from the living room ceiling (I don't know why he hasn't given up yet?), ripping up the carpet, then he will install new crown moldings & baseboards and finally will paint the hall a beautiful decorator's white. We are trying out the whites and while we tested Benjamin Moore's Decorators White in 5 patches we found it not as brilliant white as BM's Polar Bear.

Then the hunt for the furniture starts - this is my favorite part.....scouring antique stores and vintage malls for just the right pieces. The above pics kind of tell the look I am going for....only thing missing is my art. Watch this space for pics of the finished room!

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