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Monday, December 1, 2014

Discovering New Artists

I spoke earlier about my love for Instagram and how it has helped me find so many new artists. Well here are two of the artists that I have discovered on Instagram that have left me completely in awe. They are young ladies who have found their style and produce such beautiful works of art....... leaving me utterly spellbound. 

Last night we watched the movie 'The Art of Getting By' which was quite a weird movie (I am still making sense of it).....there was one part where the boy's art teacher told him he has to find his subject matter - something that spoke to him - something he wanted to express and then paint it. And it reminded me of my journey to here - to the point where I knew I wanted to do portraits. I first started off with flowers, then still life, shoes, clothes (yes I painted clothes - I was seriously running out of subject matter!) and then one day I decided to try a portrait and after that I was hooked. I like the discipline of portraits - you either get it right or wrong. There is no grey. So anyhoo what I am trying to say is these young ladies impress me so much because at such a young age they have found their subject matter, their style and their essence. It defines their art and who they are. 

I am super grateful I am at this point and that I even know I want to churn out stylized portraits, the next steps are just figuring out how to get there. So without more banter from me the two artists I want to feature are Redd Walitzki and Kristins Baugh Shiraef. Both of their works feature pixie like fairies and fantastical creatures. 

Redd's IG account is full of inspiring images of her art, creations, costumes, her whole lifestyle is an extension of her paintings. And Kristin is Casey Baughs sister so I do not need to say more about her talent. Love the amount of detail she adds into her works somehow painting magic into them.  



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