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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Family at the Comic Con 2014 Toronto

The family went to the Toronto Comic Con last week and was I impressed with all the artists there. They had over 5 alleys of Artists with many Action Hero Illustrators but I found myself most drawn to the below three artists.
Shilin Illustration
Talking to Shilin who's work was so delicate and beautiful, she said its hard being an artist and she actually studied to be a music teacher and art was her hobby. Now she is illustrating full time and creating some amazing comic books. Her sketch book was for sale at $35 and I was so tempted to buy it.
Rebecca Yanovskaya

The lovely Rebecca with her amazing work

Rebecca's work was done in ball point and gold leaf and I loved the ethereal characters and representations of the god-like characters. She was so sweet and helpful, even gave me a contact for a good art printer in Toronto. Le Pix if you are looking for one.

Lamin Illustration

I didn't get to talk to Lamin but his work was just as beautiful and I was standing there just drooling over the details. I so envy these artists who have mastered digital art. I am still mastering manual art so really don't know when I will get to the Wacom.

My babies Aaliyah & Layla along with me in the Artists Alleys.
I was most pleased to see that my daughters were as interested in the Artists as I was. The older one is studying Visual Art in High School, and the younger one is into cartoon illustration..........what can I say - the apples don't fall far from the tree.

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