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Monday, January 31, 2011

Painting workshop

A few weeks ago I enrolled in a six weeks painting workshop that takes place on friday afternoons and we have access to a live model (fixed pose) for 3 full hours. It is so much fun to get the paint under my nails again and painting from a live model is another experience altogether...you see a myriad of colors, form, values.....things you do not see from a flat picture or photograph. There are a dozen other students some painting, drawing, pastels...just playing with our mediums.

That's a pic of my painting and the model posing with me. Antonio is just the best model I have met....one -  because he doesn't move at all (and its pretty hard staying still for 23 mins at a time) and two because he brings us goodies every friday...last week was Foccachio with sun dried tomatoes, ham and cheese! seriously which model feeds the artists!!! we love him!!


Simply Mel said...

beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to be a part of a 'class' or community which fosters artistic expression?!

Lynda D'Souza said...

Too true Mel....too true..I have the best bunch of artistic buddies a girl could ask for!