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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sketch of Nicole Ritchie

Sketch of Nicole Ritchie

I am enjoying our walks to school. We decided to walk the girls to and from school as it gives us some exercise and the dog gets his walk too. But aside from that it gives me so much more.....I get to find out first hand about their school experiences (otherwise D would tell me after a long day at work), I get to walk home with their friends too....funny little people 11 year olds are. I get to hear the rustling of the birch trees - such a pretty sound. I get to admire my neighbour's gardens.. I get to greet everyone walking in my path. I get to peek into "Narnia" everyday. (Narnia is this place under the evergreens along our walking path that is fully shaded and by the water canal. Its this secret spot the girls love going into and they have named it 'Narnia'. It truly is beautiful...serene, dark and natureful (new word I just coined). 

Do you have a place you can call Narnia? 

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