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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to school

Being a self taught artist most of what I produce is what I have learned from books. However I wanted more. I wanted to hear all the basics actually being 'told' to me. Call it psychological but I wanted more - a formal education in art.

So I enrolled at the Academy of Realist Art and had my first class. They taught us how to measure and draw with exact sizing. Half of what they were talking about I knew or had read somewhere already. But on the other hand I learned the right way to sharpen and hold a pencil. How to use a knitting needle to measure. How to keep a light hand and build up graphite......and so much more.

I was concerned about sitting for 5 hours at a stretch as at home I am constantly moving around, drinking umpteen cups of tea, playing with the dog and basically just wandering around. But I did it - I did sit for the whole 6 hours aside from a 15 min lunch break and drank only 1 cup of tea - very pleased with myself.

It was wonderful being among like minded souls, surrounded by art and listening to classical music all day. I could definitely do this everyday.

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