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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Launch...

We are so excited! 70 Popes has been launched!!!

The blog will chronicle my Art endeavors from my early days of self taught painting, to when I joined The Academy of Realist Art Toronto in 2010. I now focus on portraits mainly as I enjoy the detail behind getting the features absolute accurate. I also dabble in Craft, DIY, Home Design and you will see a bit of this on the blog as well. Along with stuff about my kids and dog. The husband is always behind the scenes or camera - you will be very lucky to get a pic of him on any blog.

Why the name "70 Popes"?
It comes from my love for all things Ecclesiastical. We have a book at home that has gold illustrations of 70 Popes and kinda liked it. And that was how the Blog name was born.

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