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Friday, November 7, 2014

Instagram for Gold

I have recently joined Instagram and I have to say this (out loud) I love INSTAGRAM !!! Of all the social media I would say this is my favorite and the perfect fit for me. It's visual, its easily accessible and it introduces me to so many amazing artists.

After I joined Art School I found I wasn't creating art at home at all. I had the school assignments going which I worked on in school but I didn't actually make any new art at home. Then I joined Instagram and the daily inspiration motivated me to such a degree that I am back in my zone and creating art daily. And definitely back to my old happy self.

Instagram has also helped me find so many new artists who share so generously on the platform. Some of my favorite artists are Kristin Baugh Shiraef and Redd Walitzki. Tattoo Artists Art Of Alvin and Chase9ne create some amazing artwork in addition to their tattoo work. And being into portraits myself I have stumbled upon so many other portrait artists. Most important I am finding what style I like and understanding what I am leaning towards. Of course more than browsing Instagram, actually creating art daily has also driven me towards finding my style. It has been a journey arriving at this place where I know I want to specialize in portraits but now I also realize I want to create highly stylized portraits with some fantasy to them. Where and what...am not sure yet....but creating everyday will get me there.

So if you have an Instagram account hit me up so I can follow you too.

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