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Friday, October 21, 2011

Party Decor contract

And this is where the pom poms ended up!! I was contracted to do the party decor for a child's First Birthday party themed ' Winnie the Pooh'. With the color theme red and yellow I made up the pom poms to demarcate the dance area and then the table cloths/balloons added to the color. The customer wanted some characters for the main wall which I painted on large sheets of card stock. And finally they wanted a large line drawing of Winnie Pooh & his friends for the little ones to color in. This would eventually reside in the birthday girl's bedroom. 
Pom Poms demarcating the dance area

The character paintings on the main wall

Painted these on card stock

and used double sided foam stickers to adhere to the wall

All done in acrylic on card stock 

The line drawing done in acrylic for the little ones to color in
Thanks so much to Shyamala - it was fun putting this together and a big God bless to the birthday girl Mary Lou!!

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