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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Screen Printing serviettes

We screen printed serviettes to match the FHC card and I created the artwork using the same font from the invite card and added the date of the event. We matched the blue shade to one of the colors used in the invite card's artwork. We love screen printing as its a project the whole family gets involved. I do the artwork, D creates the screen and the girls run back and forth with the serviettes.

Last year D helped the girls print Valentine day cards for their class mates. Click here to read the post on the husband's blog.

D holding the screen up while Layla registers the napkin 

D applying the screen print ink which was custom mixed by myself to match the invite card

The first print.....only 99 more to go....

The serviettes drying............

Voila! they turned out just great! 

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