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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Display your paintings

I have been contemplating how to make best use of the limited wall space at home to display my paintings. I love peeking into other artists homes and picked up this great idea via the design is mine blog. Since I am mostly doing 7x7 and 8x8 pieces this makes a nice setting. With this I can move the entire surface into the basement when not displaying the paintings and more importantly "No holes in the walls". I have a serious aversion to making holes in walls....am constantly asking D to put things up without knocking holes in the walls. He thinks I am crazy! I just don't want to damage a surface.........seems so wrong. Anyhow back to my display - you like?

D is going to build it for me....I like the frame around it - gives the paintings one singular border. Shelves allow me to interchange the paintings displaying the  more recent ones (the more I create the worse I think my older art is). This allows me to display my best work.

And did I tell you we are going all white in the living room.....its just the beginning of a wonderful new venture....watch this space.

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