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Monday, June 22, 2015

Visual Artist is Me

It's funny how life brings you full circle. It actually brings you to the place/job you were always meant to be doing. 

When I left DHL in 2010 I joined Art school thinking that is what I want to do / master in. Since I had a part time study schedule I also began looking for jobs. Without a second thought I started looking for VISUAL STYLING jobs. I just knew I was good at that and wanted to do it professionally. Nothing worked out and in hindsight I am glad it hadn't.

That's when I decided to set up Sparrow Lyn as that allowed me to curate 70's vintage fashion that I love and use my design knowledge to create outfits for the website. That kinda fulfilled me for the next 3 years.

Around early this year Wilde North was expanding and we had clients asking for Interior Decorating solutions for their homes. And that's when I joined D to help others style and decorate their homes.

Funny how life brings you right to the place you are supposed to be. It's the Universe conspiring to get me here. I used to read about this universe thingy and was always skeptical but here we are - D and me - both doing what we've been doing for years. We transformed our 3 previous homes in Dubai and Bahrain together turning them into gems and dare I say near perfect show homes. And now we are doing it for others............bringing good design to their homes.

I believe now..................

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